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Development Activities

In 2006, an interim version of the SafetyAnalyst software tools was released to highway agencies participating in the SafetyAnalyst transportation pooled-fund study. The interim version included beta versions of the Diagnosis and Countermeasure Selection Module and Economic Appraisal and Priority Ranking Module.

The interim tools were revised based on input from participating agencies and expanded to include additional capabilities.

In September 2008, a draft final version of SafetyAnalyst was released to participating agencies for testing and evaluation. A nine-month evaluation period is underway as Transportation Pooled-Fund Study 5(182) "SafetyAnalyst Support." http://www.pooledfund.org/projectdetails.asp?id=417&status=4

A final version of SafetyAnalyst will be released to participating agencies by June 30, 2009.

Effective July 1, 2009, AASHTO will handle long-term distribution, technical support, maintenance, and enhancement of SafetyAnalyst as a licensed AASHTOWare product.


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