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Licensing Details

AASHTO manages distribution, technical support, maintenance, and enhancement of Safety Analyst as an AASHTOWare product. AASHTOWare is AASHTO's Cooperative Computer Software Development Program. AASHTOWare products are available for licensing to AASHTO member departments, educational institutions, and other private and public agencies. State/provincial highway agencies and universities with fiscal year 2019 Safety Analyst licenses include:

State/Provincial Licenses
Arizona Kentucky Ohio
Florida Michigan Tennessee
Illinois Nevada Washington
Kansas New Jersey Ontario (Canada)
Educational Licenses
Carleton University University of Rhode Island
University of Texas at San Antonio  

AASHTO provides licensing details in its annual AASHTOWare Catalog. The catalog is typically available in May for the next fiscal year. With the Safety Analyst license an agency receives a designated number of technical support hours for engineering-related issues. In addition, engineering support (weekly) and data management support (bi-weekly) webinars are available for licensed agencies to attend. Additional support (e.g., for onsite training) can be purchased through service units in special fixed-fee increments.